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weather squish beetle advance

The pine beetle scourge that decimated swaths of Okanagan forests is waning, but a hot July could help the critters bounce back.

Cool weather and intensive logging have combined to knock back the beetle infestation that threatened to kill most pine trees in the Valley. Fewer stands of forest are blotched with red, but we're not out of the woods yet, say experts.

"It (the population) has still not really crashed yet. It's almost there. It's much lower than in the past few years," said Lorraine Maclauchlan, an entomologist with the Forests Ministry. The insect migrated south into the Valley but has yet to obliterate the Ponderosa pine, as many predicted.

Pockets of beetle killed trees are still visible along the Highway 33 corridor near Big White and above Joe Rich. "Hgh Jintropin Avis" A contractor just finished selective logging infested pines in 40 hectares between Kelowna Airport, McKinley Landing and North Glenmore.

Small clusters of dying and dead pines are visible in Knox Mountain Park and near Crawford Estates. But the consensus is that the decay will subside, said Maclauchlan. And much of the Okanagan has dodged a bullet that could have blighted much of the landscape.

"The voracity has slowed down," said Cathy McKenzie, parks technician for Bolt 200m Final Rio the Regional District of the Central Okanagan. and infestations have come and gone for millions of years. This time, logging companies focused aggressively on beetle kill, removing infested wood where practical to save neighbouring stands.

The beetles penetrate the bark of stressed trees and lay their eggs. By harvesting dying pines in time, the new generation of insect can't fly "Oxandrolone Powder India" and attack fresh trees. The effort has paid off, said Maclauchlan, Buy Boldenone India especially around Pennask Summit and Bear Creek.

"They (loggers) are trying to keep (populations) down, so when they see a new area or a patch of attack, providing they can get to it . . . they try to remove it. That's a really key component."

The weather over recent years has helped. Cold weather in early fall or spring can slash beetle survival rates. Hot and cool temperatures in summer stagger their flight times, so they don't all emerge and overwhelm new Australia Kamagra Manufacturers trees in giant swarms at once.

Maclauchlan has noticed Kamagra 100 beetle flights in late August and September, which is later than usual. The insects are less prepared for winter and their offspring don't reach the later larval stage so they survive the cold season.

A cool, drizzly July may be no fun for sun seekers but it sets back the beetle numbers. The latest bombardment was triggered by the long, hot, dry summers of 1998, 2000 and 2003. Colder, wet weather allows predators like parasitic wasps, parasitic flies and nematodes to kill or feed on bark beetles.

Still, property owners who want to protect their pines should consider buying pheromone patches, Maclauchlan said. They give off a scent that tells beetles in flight the tree is already infested.

The city of Kelowna has its own reinforcements. A crew of 18 workers will concentrate on harvesting beetle kill and removing forest fuels to mitigate the wildfire risk this summer. They'll plant 7,000 Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir seedlings on Knox Mountain, in Mission Ridge and the Quail linear trail.

The regional district has a budget to target dying pines to prevent wildfires "Oxandrolone Powder India" in parks like Rose Valley. McKenzie hopes to get more funding to remove trees in Scenic Canyon, the Trepanier Creek Anavar Reddit area and Stephens Coyote Regional Park in Glenmore.

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