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Wife on Lifetime

Rose McGowan stars as Mary Winkler in Lifetime's Original Movie The Pastor's Wife, which is based on actual events. Mary Winkler is the "perfect" wife of the "perfect" man, Pastor Matthew Winkler (Michael Shanks). They have three daughters and everyone in the small Tennessee town looks up to this family. Anavar For Sale Philippines After Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) all, Matthew is such a wonderful man and Mary is "lucky" to be married to him. But what happens behind the faade is anyone's guess.

The StoryIn 2006 Matthew Winkler was shot and killed in his home. Mary took the girls and left town, leaving her husband's body in their house. When she was apprehended, Mary was in a state of shock and realized she had shot her husband. Mary went to jail and the girls went to live with their grandparents Matthew's parents. No one believed Mary could have done this evil deed. She was a dutiful wife to this loving man. There must be a mistake.

Mary is intent on pleading guilty until an attorney Deca Durabolin Blood Pressure convinces her that they should fight. So, Dianabol 50 not wanting to lose her daughters forever, she relents and decides to stand trial in an effort to salvage her life.

The trial is the main focus of the movie. The town and indeed the entire country are riveted on this small courthouse. This trial even catches the attention of HLN's Nancy Grace. How could a seemingly peaceful and low keyed woman shoot her pastor husband? What was going on behind "Oxandrolone Powder India" closed doors?

As the movie progresses, a different side of the "perfect" husband emerges. Exposing her uncomfortable secrets is not easy for Mary, but it is the only way to save herself and see her daughters grow up. More and more disturbing family secrets are exposed and the public gets a different view of Matthew.

The MovieRose McGowan portrays this troubled woman with a unique allure. This meek, mild mannered wife and mother emerges as a tortured woman. Was her action justified? Did Comprar Levitra she simply "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" take all she could handle and snap? What happened in that Buy Cialis Germany seemingly idyllic household?

The movie does a good job in portraying two sides of the story. First, it shows Matthew as a kind man. And second, it shows him as a manipulating man with no concern for his wife. Which side was the real Matthew Winkler?

McGowan is probably most remembered for her role in Charmed where she portrayed Paige Matthews from 2001 2006. Michael Shanks caught the attention of television viewers when he played Daniel Jackson in the popular Sci fi series Stargate SG 1 (1997 2007).

The Pastor's Wife leaves viewers wondering what really goes on behind closed doors. It premiers Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 8 pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

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